About Me

    I earned Music Education and Music Composition degrees in undergraduate studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and I am currently pursuing graduate degrees in Music Composition and Instrumental Conducting, also at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. My primary instruments are the main members of the saxophone family (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone) with doubles that include Bb clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Flute. My accomplishments include being selected as a winner of the 2021 SCI (Society of Composers Inc.) Composition Contest, as well as the 2021 Irving Symphony Orchestra Student Composer in Residence. You can reach me through the contact page on this website, or via email at adomuspublications@gmail.com. Please see my YouTube channel for recordings and live performances, as well as my SoundCloud page and Instagram.


I provide quality composition and performance for every medium through commission and direct purchase, striving to create music that is comprised of a unique voice.

     I have always been a player, but I fell in love with composition the more that I began to write and share my work with others in its earlier stages. I love the feeling of expression and creation that composition brings, mainly because this language is very idiomatic for my style of communication. My music represents my thoughts and opinions of the world that we live in, and my influences and ideas are the makeup of a unique musical voice. Music is my passion and my life's work; it is one of the few mediums in which I feel completely free to be my truest self with no filters. It is through music that my expression is most natural.